Monster MK1 VW Golf Packs Two Turbo VR6s, Two Transmissions

Monster MK1 VW Golf Packs Two Turbo VR6s, Two Transmissions

When it comes to tuning a vehicle, far more is generally better. Adding more gas, additional air, and far more turbo raise are the common procedures of receiving extra electric power out of a motor vehicle. But what about including far more engines? Willem Jacobus from South Africa resolved that he required far more electrical power from his 1979 Mk1 Volkswagen Golf but as a substitute of just tuning or turbocharging it like most tuners would, he extra a 2nd engine.

Up front, his Mk1 Golf packs a Volkswagen VR6 engine, which powers the entrance wheels through its typical 5-speed guide transmission. That motor was swapped in a long time ago, changing the authentic 1.1-liter 4-cylinder. And Jacobus was content to live with just the typical VR6 swapped Golfing right up until he saw a different tuner’s videos of a twin-motor Golfing and the idea was born to add one more VR6 motor to its rear. So he purchased a different engine, the motor mounts, and one more gearbox, and custom fit it all into the again of the car.

The second 2.8-liter V6 engine powers the rear wheels but both of those engines are operated by means of the exact same fuel pedal and with the exact transmission. So just one clutch pedal operates each of the car’s clutches and the same equipment linkage operates each transmission’s gears. And whilst it necessitates two diverse starters, they are merely operated with two independent buttons once the vital is in. So in reality, as elaborate as it is, it form of drives like a rather normal all-wheel travel Golfing. Just a single that helps make a ton much more sounds and a whole lot a lot more electric power.

That was not ample for Jacobus, though. Following taking it to the track, he determined it essential even extra energy and fitted the two VR6 engines with turbochargers. After putting the auto on a dyno and testing the horsepower of each and every motor separately, and then together, Jacobus says the twin-engine Golfing will make 536 horsepower (400 kW) and 590 pound-toes (800 Nm) of torque. Even so, the electric power is put down in an odd kind of way. With its digital engine administration, Jacobus tuned the auto to speed up with its entrance engine 1st, permitting the rear engine step by step appear in shortly immediately after. That prevents the rear from obtaining overwhelmed with electric power and sending the vehicle sideways.

Twin-motor cars and trucks are fascinate me simply because it’s the way a youngster would be expecting to make a motor vehicle far more impressive: want much more electricity, insert far more motor. But to essentially engineer such a factor and make it functionality like a normal-ish vehicle is unbelievably complicated and spectacular. Jacobus deserves some serious praise for not only having this car to operate but to do the job perfectly more than enough to push on the highway routinely.

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